Thank you for joining us for the first in this series of results-focused event training!

If you missed it, watch the video on-demand at your own pace, and connect with us!

  • We will be LIVE and will leave space for live Q&A
  • We will TEACH-YOU-STUFF that you can use the minute our event is over
  • We will share event strategies that produce results for time-limited business owners and event professionals.


  • Event planners, professionals, organizers
  • Those who want to plan and produce excellent events
  • Those who try to engage with their audience and do it effectively
  • Those who would like to fundraise more for their organization
  • Those who feel overwhelmed about all things technology
  • Those who don’t know how to make the best of social media in promoting their events

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Women in Events (Tech + Prod)

Women in Events (Tech + Prod) is a group of women leaders in event planning, technology, live-streaming, content creation and event production, a force that multiplied is dedicated to action, providing support and expertise to other women in tech and production in our local communities, as well as the global community.

Join us as we lift each other up, learn from each other, celebrate each other’s wins and share our story, our expertise, and experiences.

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Who We Are

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