Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising – is it still possible?

When it comes to discussing events, the spotlight many times goes to annual conferences, association meetings, conferences, and other large-scale events that indeed deserve much attention, careful planning, and strategy to get executed well and provide a memorable experience for attendees, may that be in-person or online.

In today’s post, found at this link here, I’d like to turn the attention to a different type of hybrid event, the fundraising gala type that we all get excited about attending when it’s connected to an organization that pulls the strings of our hearts.

Pro’s Note:

A creative production professional is your number one ally when it comes to planning, hosting, and executing a high-quality hybrid event that fundraises at the highest level, brings broadcast quality to the table, trains the speakers for both in-person and virtual, keeps both audiences engaged, and much more. Here are some production support roles to keep in mind:

Non-technical production support roles: Registration Support, Back-End Bidding Auction Platform Support, Data Support, Website Tech Support, Moderators & Chat Cheerleaders, Script Advancer Support, Virtual Producer, Content Support, Marketing.

Technical Production Support Roles: Technical Event Producer, Video Director, Graphics Tech, Sound Engineer for In-person, and Sound Tech for virtual, Video switcher, Lighting Tech, Media/Content Support, Virtual Producer, Platform Support.

If you have any questions about hybrid – not just production, strategy, technology, scripting, run of shows, etc – please reach out.


Published by Anca Platon Trifan

Anca (/ˈãnka/) is the founder, creator and CEO of Tree-Fan Events – a boutique event planning and production agency that is offering event planning consultation, experience design and production management for live, virtual and hybrid events. Anca has started her sound career as a DJ in radio before embarking on a new adventure in event productions where she's worked for over twenty years, and has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of sound engineering, technical event productions, event planning and producing, event design and management, walking her corporate and non-profit clients through the entire event planning and production process with the highest level of standards to design a perfect and seamless event. Find out more:

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