Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising – is it still possible?

When it comes to discussing events, the spotlight many times goes to annual conferences, association meetings, conferences, and other large-scale events that indeed deserve much attention, careful planning, and strategy to get executed well and provide a memorable experience for attendees, may that be in-person or online. In today’s post, found at this link here,Continue reading “Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising – is it still possible?”

Maximize Your Social Influence

Are YOU maximizing your Social Influence? Check out this experiment May King did with Neal Schaffer on his weekly Clubhouse. Before I go into the statistics, reach and impact generated my hour of live tweeting, I thought I’d explain why I do this: Brand – EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING starts with your brand. EverythingContinue reading “Maximize Your Social Influence”

Avoid these hybrid event mistakes

Over the course of the last almost 22 months of virtual and hybrid events of all formats and sizes, we’ve collected a few common mistakes being made as it relates to virtual and hybrid fundraising events. In the blog post below, we have highlighted some of the top hybrid event mistakes that almost every organizerContinue reading “Avoid these hybrid event mistakes”

The Future of Fundraising Events

Are fundraising events the best way to raise money? Will the future of fundraising events adapt with the event industry? With the increase in expenses during hybrid events, we will discuss the value of fundraising events in the non-profit world and provide tangible tips to amp up your fundraising event success. Check out this bite-sizedContinue reading “The Future of Fundraising Events”

In-House Production Partners vs Outsourced

In-person or hybrid gatherings have become more prevalent lately in our industry and as Technical Event Producers and Planners, one of the main considerations and current pressing question we get asked a lot by event organizers is in regards to decisions related to hybrid event production houses/vendors/suppliers/partners, and whether or not to go with theContinue reading “In-House Production Partners vs Outsourced”