Who We Are

Women in Events (Tech + Prod) is a group of women leaders in event planning, technology, live-streaming, content creation and event production, a force that multiplied is dedicated to action, providing support and expertise to other women in tech and production in our local communities, as well as the global community.

Join us as we lift each other up, learn from each other, celebrate each other’s wins and share our story, our expertise, and experiences.

Anca Trifan, CMP

Hi there, I am the founder, creator and CEO for Tree-Fan Events – a boutique event planning and production agency that is offering event planning consultation, experience design and production management for live, virtual and hybrid events, also the Host of “Events: demystified”, a tactical Podcast for anyone in the events industry, beginner or pro.

Be good, do good.

Marisa Cali

Hi, I’m Marisa, a remote live stream producer (Streamyard-approved!) and I’m constantly working to offer simpler ways to improve the production quality of live streams for businesses. I make sure your live stream looks professional and allows your audience to feel the energy in the value you provide to your community. Find more about me here: http://www.liveonsocialnow.com

Be present for the conversations that matter.

Mary Davidson

Hi there, I am Mary, owner of EP Events and I am known for event planning on a budget and in-depth organization. Philanthropy is my passion and I have been fundraising for over 10 years. This fundraising path led me to fundraising events, which led me to the world of all types of events – including wedding planning, venue hosting and catering. Also, co-host of “Better Events” Podcast.

Purposeful events are my jam.

Logan Clements

Hi, I am Logan and my love has grown through the planning process and managing the details that go into making an event happen. With over 100 events under my belt, I love leading clients through their event planning process, whether it’s taking transportation reservations, creating guest movement plans, or executing the day-of rundown. Also, co-host of “Better Events” Podcast.

Passionate about people, to-do lists, and problem-solving

May King Tsang

Hi there, I am May King, the original #FOMOCreator: Professional Live Tweeter + preFOMO Interviewer, creating the buzz + excitement to help you sell tickets for your next event.

Samantha Potter

Hi there, I am Samantha, I am an audio engineer, editor and educator, as well as an install empress. You could say, I am a renaissance woman, of sorts, always looking for the next challenge. Also Host of “Church Sound Podcast”

Julie Riley

Hi there, I’m Julie, and I’m the social media manager for StreamYard. I began working in digital marketing in 2007. I love helping others grow and develop the confidence for live video.

Learn, grow, practice, and don’t quit.

High Vibe Mama

Health HYPE BFF⚡️ Grief/Trauma breaker + Fitness instructor 💯 Empowering women to VIBE & THRIVE w/ purpose so they live out loud!💪🏼 Host of “High Vibe Mama” Podcast.

Get Vibed!