Maximize Your Social Influence

Are YOU maximizing your Social Influence?

Check out this experiment May King did with Neal Schaffer on his weekly Clubhouse.

Before I go into the statistics, reach and impact generated my hour of live tweeting, I thought I’d explain why I do this:

Brand – EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING starts with your brand.

Everything you write, say, appear online and in person, represents your brand and for people who don’t know who I am (yet 😊), I want to make a good impression! From the days that I delivered training and mentoring on behalf of Google’s Digital Garage project, we learned that we haev 7 seconds to impress our lurkers from their computers and 4 seconds on their smartphone. Let’s #createcontentforthelurkers and make a great first impression!

Relationship Building – how can we start to build relationships with the lurkers on our content?

  • Share great information
  • Start a conversation with people who have engaged with our content
  • Appreciate those that have followed us and lurk on their profiles. See if they are people you can start a relationship with.

Authority – you are a leader in your field but it’s not enough to dangle your business card virtually or in person and tell people you’re amazing. You have to prove it. That’s what I had to do when I started my business. I share my knowledge on slideshare, deliver and publish my presentations on YouTube. I’ve been a guest on various podcasts which I share on Pinterest.

Notoriety – to demonstate the impact we can make on future clients we can use incorporate #FOMOMarketing on top of our socila media marketing. Bridging the gap between social media and PR is what notoriety is all about so showcase your testimonials; shine the spotlight on your clients; tell the world how you have made an impact on others. Like the amazing Muhammad Ali once said:

It’s isn’t bragging if you can back it up –

Muhammad Ali

so get famous: be your own PR agency and tell the world how amazing you are (if you can back it up of course!)

Direct Communication. Timing is everything and when the time is right, you can go back to your lurkers. You can send a DM to the people you’ve started a conversation with, and get them on a call. On a Zoom meeting, a WhatsApp video. Whatever you prospect’s preferred method of having that meeting.

So! Back to Neal Schaffer and his Clubhouse meet? Here’s the impact that a few live tweets (I average 50 tweets an hour. On this occasion, I managed 39) had made when I shared his words of wisdom to the wonderful world of Twitter. I do highly recommend you follow Neal on all the socials if YOU want to know how to maximise your Social Influence.


Published by Anca Platon Trifan

Anca (/ˈãnka/) is the founder, creator and CEO of Tree-Fan Events – a boutique event planning and production agency that is offering event planning consultation, experience design and production management for live, virtual and hybrid events. Anca has started her sound career as a DJ in radio before embarking on a new adventure in event productions where she's worked for over twenty years, and has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of sound engineering, technical event productions, event planning and producing, event design and management, walking her corporate and non-profit clients through the entire event planning and production process with the highest level of standards to design a perfect and seamless event. Find out more:

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